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Behind Ripn T

Ripn T Boxers was established in 1998 with the desire to produce top quality Boxers that are of show and performance type.  We have a firm dedication to producing healthy, well-bred dogs with excellent temperaments and exemplary conformation. They are loving family members that are happy, healthy, and well socialized.  Here you will find Boxers that are treated with lots of love and given the best of care. The health and welfare of our Boxers is paramount and I strive to breed for the best in quality and type.  We cherish and enjoy our Boxers as they truly ARE a part of our family!  Contact me to find out how a Ripn T Boxer can become part of your family too.

Tina and Zayn of Ripn T Boxers

Tina Montgomery

I am the breeder and owner behind Ripn T Boxers, located in Hermiston, OR.  To say I am obsessed with the Boxer breed is an understatement.  I truly love everything about this amazing breed - their versatility, their athleticism, their presence....and most importantly, their goofy, people-loving nature.  To me, there honestly isn't a better breed.  You just can't beat having a Boxer by your side!

I became involved in showing for the love of the sport and haven't stopped since!  I am proud of the wins I've achieved, showcasing the standards of type I strive for....dogs that are balanced, fluid, eye-appealing, and a beautiful presence in the ring.  Outside of the ribbons and ring, my dogs exemplify what fantastic dispositions they have....friendly, smart, inquisitive, silly, and fun.  Combining all of these traits is what stamps Ripn T Boxers from the rest.  I don't breed for quantity, I breed for exceptional quality.

Whether you're looking for your next top show prospect or adding a loving family pet to your home, you can be certain that any puppy from Ripn T is of the best quality all around.

Tina and Boxer Dog





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